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How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s [x]

This is scary

The apple face thing tho

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Why don’t you like Katy Perry?

This is why.

waiT at all of this being from the Prism era….. katy is such a mess

Can I just take a minute to talk about that 5th picture though. Aside from the clearly racist posturing and appropriation on Katy’s part, there’s are some really troubling elements of this photograph I’d like to point out. Katy here is standing with 3 geishas who are, like her, entertainers (in fact, most geishas sing to their guests). As geishas do, they’re wearing kimonos, which are very, very formal garments. Kimonos weigh several pounds and are so elaborate and so expensive that most people in Japan really don’t even own them anymore. Katy, by contrast is wearing something more similar to a yukata, which is a light, casual garment. In Japan, it’s still common to own one or several yukata, and they’re often worn out to matsuri (festivals) or other events. They’re not the same as kimonos. To give a Western comparison, it’s like the difference between a full tuxedo, and a blazer with trousers. Essentially, by wearing the more casual yukata, Katy is subconsciously communicating the message that she does not take the geishas’ art seriously. Which, given the stereotypical and offensive way in which she’s presenting herself, is probably true on some conscious level as well.

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I hate that meme that’s like, “Dear God, give us back Tupac and we’ll send you Justin Bieber” because a) Justin Bieber, in spite of his shittiness, is still a human being, and that’s just kind of a terrible thing to say about another human being and b) more importantly, yeah, Justin Bieber may be a little prick who does racist things and eggs his neighbor’s house is generally a pain in the ass, but Tupac is a CONVICTED. RAPIST. and idk I feel like the latter is a lot worse

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shalom harlow and marc vanderloo photographed by bruce weber for versace  f/w 1996


I have to do SO MUCH WRITING over the next few days but I just like… am wiped for ideas idk I’m just going to write some ideas down here so I don’t forget them. TWs for some generally unpleasant stuff

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Fans: We want a Black Widow movie!
Marvel: Here's Guardians of the Galaxy
Fans: Awesome! When are we going to see a Black Widow solo film?
Marvel: We're looking for right person to direct Ant-Man
Fans: Okay but we really want to see Bla—
Marvel: Doctor Strange is slated for release in 2016. See you then!

50 shades of grey trailer



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I can’t believe Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out at midnight tonight and we still don’t have a Wonder Woman movie


Marilyn Monroe on the balcony of the Hotel Chelsea in New York City, 195?

Please tell me someone in these 300+ notes pointed out that this isn’t even a picture of Marilyn?

This is a still from Eva Herzigova’s 1992 Guess campaign.

I walk by the Hotel Chelsea sometimes on my way to one of the project sites for work and I remember the other day when I was there, a punk couple was taking pictures together and kissing and whatnot. And I mean, good for them and all, but the place where Sid Vicious repeatedly stabbed Nancy with a kitchen knife does not seem like the best location to commemorate your love for each other.


In the first issue Clint gets shot in the arm while wearing a grey suit. The next time we see him in the suit, nineteen issues later, the sleeve is still torn in the place where he got shot. 

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